GoodWe SEMS iPhone or Android app says it’s offline!

GoodWe SEMS iPhone or Google Play app says it's offline!

You’re not the only one who’s obsessed with your GoodWe SEMS monitoring app! But what do you do if it says “offline”?
You’ve finally done it! Your solar system is installed and you’re well on your way to financial savings and a better environmental footprint. Self five!

And nothing gives you more pleasure than sitting down with a cuppa for your daily fix of SEMS. Who would’ve thought you’d become this obsessed with checking the performance of your solar system on a daily, and let’s be honest, sometimes hourly basis? Are we that desperate for entertainment in these topsy turvy times? Well let me tell you, even before covid, SEMS obsession was a thing!
So we understand your disappointment when the cuppa is brewed, the couch cushions are poofed and you’ve sunken into position with your phone at the ready…only to open up your SEMS app and see your status is “offline”. Nooooo!

Stay calm. Breathe. Help is here.

The good news is, it’s highly likely your solar system is working swimmingly and generating power as expected. Chances are your GoodWe inverter has become disconnected from the internet, rudely interrupting your visibility of all that it gives. A disconnection can happen for a number of reasons – perhaps there was a power outage, your internet dropped out, you switched modems, or the cat mistook your ethernet cable for a slippery visitor. In any case, you can easily reconnect your system to the wifi by following some simple steps.

Reconnecting your GoodWe inverter to your wifi:

On your GoodWe inverter, during daylight hours, you should see a green solid light (not flashing) – indicating your system is on and operating, i.e. generating power. You should also see a solid orange light (not flashing) – indicating your system is connected to the internet. 

However, if the orange light is flashing, this indicates your system is not connected to the internet. Here’s what you need to do:

1. If your inverter is off, power it on.

2. On your computer or phone, locate your wifi networks and join Solar-Wifi.

4. Enter the password 12345678.

5. Open a new web browser. If the inverter serial number begins with 9 enter into the browser. If it begins with a 1, enter

6. Enter admin for both user name and password.

7. Click Start Setup.

8. Select your wifi network and click Next.

9. Enter your network password, click Next, then click Continue.

10. Wait for up to one minute for the orange light to go solid, indicating you have successfully reconnected your inverter to the wifi. 

Whala! Make a new brew, re-poof the cushions and sink back into position – your SEMS fix is minutes away. Revel in it!

GoodWe iPhone App says offline
Screenshot of the GoodWe SEMS iPhone App

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