Tesla wall charger installation

Tesla wall charger installation

Checklist for a well-planned, safe installation at home

There are a few decisions to be made (on your part) prior to your Tesla wall charger installation in terms of design, positioning and installation provider.

As an installer of Tesla Wall Connectors, we’ve developed this summary of important considerations to assist you with these decisions.

It’s much easier to make informed decisions with some solid advice from a licensed, qualified, experienced installer.

Read on.

Tesla EV Charger Installation Melbourne
Tesla EV wall charger Installation in Melbourne, by the Solstra Team.

Choosing your Tesla Wall Connector

As you know, a Tesla Wall Connector is an EV Charger made by Tesla, specifically for Tesla’s range of electric (EV) vehicles. Tesla recommends the Wall Connector for Model S, Model X and Model 3. 

Selecting your Tesla Wall Connector

Currently, ‘Gen 2’ and the ‘Gen 3’ connectors are available for purchase from Tesla. The Gen 2 is the previous generation Wall Connector (obviously, there is a price difference and a few functional differences there).

Detailed product information and comparison is available on Tesla’s website.

There are various cable lengths available (and cable organisers – see accessories). Cable lengths come in 2.6m (Gen 2) and 7.3m (both Gen 2 and Gen 3 wall connector models). 

Multiple Teslas in the family? 

Consider installing additional Tesla Wall Connectors for simultaneous charging of multiple Teslas at home. Tesla Wall Connectors (Gen 3 model) have the ability to ‘power share’ meaning that up to six connected units can automatically and intelligently distribute charge power across multiple Teslas with varying charge status.

A single home electrical circuit can support multiple Gen 3 Wall Connectors. The benefit is that when each Telsa returns home it can be put straight on charge and be ready when needed. 

Outdoor EV Charger Installation Melbourne
Outdoor EV charger installation by Solstra.

Location and positioning

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing a location for your Tesla Wall Connector installation. 

Thinking of the ‘little things’ now helps reduce regrets later.

Your lifestyle and usage

  • Is your Tesla normally home during the day or at night?
  • How often do you use it? 
  • Do you do longer irregular trips or frequent short trips? 
  • Will you need short quick charges or longer-duration (full) charges? 
  • When will you charge (is overnight charging your preference)? 
  • Where do you park your Tesla? Does that vary?

The charge port location of a Tesla is located at the left-rear taillight which is important when considering your installation location. Consider where you park your Tesla and make sure the charger can reach. 

Outside factors

  • Are there other vehicles that might need access to parking at the property while your vehicle is charging?
  • Are there other electric vehicles to be charged? 
  • Is there adequate space in the immediate area surrounding your proposed location for usability and safety?
  • Does your proposed location provide protection for the charger from heavy falling or moving objects (garage doors, trees, extreme sun)
  • Does your proposed location ensure that the Wall Connector is not a hazard for other vehicles or people walking past? 

The above considerations might influence your thinking regarding:

  • Indoor or outdoor location (note: the Tesla Wall Connector is weather resistant)
  • Positioning in the garage, driveway or rear of the home/building
  • Pole-mounted or wall-mounted (note: Tesla has a ‘Wall Connector Pedestal’ available)
  • Access for other vehicles which might be coming and going, or charging.
Electrician Mornington Peninsula EV charger installation
Tesla EV charger installation by Solstra.

Your electricity supply

The good news is, Tesla Wall Connectors are customisable to almost any power supply. Your installer can review your home power set up and provide recommendations and advice on what’s possible and what’s not, in terms of your preferences.   

Do you have solar? 

When power may be limited (such as when solar power is low), the Tesla Wall Connector can be installed with lower amperage circuit breakers. Circuit breakers that match your vehicle’s onboard charger capabilities is also important. 

Solstra is a leading solar specialist in Melbourne, designing and installing solar systems and solar batteries, as a Tesla Power-wall Certified electrician. We know solar and we can safely and effectively install and connect your Tesla Wall Connector to your existing solar system. 

We deal only with quality brands, such as Tesla, for solar batteries and EV charger installations.  

Solar panel installers Melbourne working on a job
Completing a solar panel installation in Melbourne.

Your Tesla wall charger installation technician 

Legal and regulatory requirements

Tesla Wall Connector is a hard-wired electrical appliance and legally in Australia, all hard-wired electrical appliances must be installed by a Licensed Electrician. 

Safety and compliance – no shortcuts

For your own safety and to maintain your manufacturer warranty, ensure that your chosen Tesla Wall Connector installer is a qualified, licensed electrician under a registered, Licensed Electrical Practice. This means that all electrical work is undertaken in compliance with Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998. 

In particular, Tesla Wall Connector installation must comply with AS/NZ3000 wiring regulations.

Why choose Solstra for your Tesla wall charger installation?

  • Licensed Electrical Practice 
  • Fully qualified electricians
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety provided
  • 12-month warranty for all electrical work
  • Police checked and fully insured

Registered Electrical Contractor REC 28804. All work undertaken is compliant with the Australian Electrical Safety Standards and Electrical Safety Act 1998.

Solstra is Melbourne’s leading electrician specialising in EV charger installations. We service residential and commercial clients in Melbourne, the southeast suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. We are a local business offering personalised service and friendly, straight-up advice. Available as your contractor on large-scale residential and commercial EV charger installation projects throughout Melbourne. 

The installation process

A typical installation can be completed in a full day (or less). More complicated jobs may run over a few days.

Your switchboard

This is the headquarters and command centre for the electricity powering your property.

We have found that on occasion, switchboards may need minor upgrades prior to EV charger installation so they are operating safely and in compliance with all current codes and regulations (relevant to switchboards). This supports the health and effectiveness of your EV charger and protects the electrical system at your property.

Switchboard upgrade Melbourne
Switchboard upgrade inspection

Your technician will inspect your switchboard and provide advice and recommendations if a switchboard upgrade is required prior to your Tesla wall charger installation.

Here’s how it works with Solstra:

  1. Request a quotation
  2. Site visit and quotation 
  3. Installation day 
  4. Ready to charge – your new Tesla Wall Connector! 

Solstra would be pleased to offer you a quotation for your Tesla wall charger installation. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote. 

Your Tesla will love us

Complimentary to Telsa’s quality and high standards, you can expect to receive the same quality in terms of your installation. 

Contact us today to book a time that suits you for a site visit and quotation

Kevin Schafer

As featured on ABC, Kevin Schafer is an authoritative voice in the solar industry, emphasising the significance of correct solar installations and the crucial choice of a professional solar retailer. A passionate advocate for sustainable energy, Kevin is the proud owner of Solstra in Melbourne and the Co-owner of ProSolar on the Northern Rivers. His journey began in Byron Bay, where he completed his apprenticeship before relocating to Melbourne to be closer to his family. With a rich blend of hands-on experience and industry knowledge, Kevin is committed to guiding homeowners towards a brighter, greener future with Solstra.

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