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Solstra is a reputable, commercial electrician in Melbourne installing commercial electric vehicle chargers for business and industry projects.

We design, supply and fit quality commercial EV charging stations that are practical, reliable and scalable. Whether it’s for fleet vehicles, public use, office or apartment building, or retail charging, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of qualified electricians ensure a safe and compliant fit with your existing electrical system and a well designed, user friendly, practical layout.

We deal only with known, trusted brands that make quality chargers and accessories, offer the best warranties and deliver ongoing supplier support for your business.

Our streamlined systems and processes keep your project organised, delivered on time and to scope. Our team is dependable, fully insured, and site ready. To learn more about the growing importance of EV Charging infrastructure and its impact on businesses, check out our latest blog post.

Contact us today to experience our professional, personalised service and straight up advice that you can only get from an established, family run business.

Commercial EV chargers

EV charging is fast becoming a way of life in urban, regional and high traffic locations. Day to day charging is an essential service for EV owners whether they are your customers, staff, tenants, or fleet vehicle drivers.

There are a range of commercial EV chargers on the market catering to different charge speeds, mounting styles and locations. Keep in mind that while demand for fast charging is increasing, it’s not always the best fit.

AC charging (up to 22kW)

AC chargers are easy to use, slow charging units. They are best suited to situations where the user stays at the destination for an extended period such as a few hours, an eight-hour workday, or an overnight stay.

They suit settings such as accommodation, tourism attractions, hospitality venues, shopping centres and offices. Models with IT connectivity provide the ability to be networked, managed and monetised.


  • Great as a ‘top up’ charge
  • Cost-effective to buy and install
  • Do not require three-phase power
  • Universal and tethered options
  • Choose with or without IT connectivity

AC charging is compatible with all electric vehicles currently on the market in Australia including Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Hyundai and Nissan.

DC charging (up to 350kW)

DC charging is often referred to as rapid charging and it performs to its name, which is very attractive for EV owners who are on the move.

Fast charging is ideal at locations where time to charge is limited, such as petrol stations and roadhouses along busy highways where people may be travelling long distances.


  • Capacity to charge an EV from zero to 80% in around 30 mins
  • A larger investment to buy and install
  • Requires three-phase power and potential upgrades to your existing electrical system
  • Internet connectivity is required
  • Only selected EV models accept DC charging

Commercial EV charger features

Our team can help you design the right commercial EV charger installation that best suits the charging needs of your business, the environment, the intended usage and your budget.


  • Single/dual plug
  • Scalable/upgradable
  • Wall, floor/ground or pedestal mounted
  • Smart features (networked and connected, OCPP compliant)
  • Monitoring, reporting and monetisation
  • Weather and temperature resistant (including IP66-rated)

Your chosen features and model selection will impact your installation location, level of control/monitoring and the ability to expand or upgrade the charging station to accommodate future growth or fleet expansion.

Commercial EV charger installation

We design, supply and install quality EV charging stations that are fit for purpose and suit the needs of both the business and the consumer, including public retail charging stations, new builds, fleet vehicle charging, property development and underground car parks.

Solstra is available as a contractor for small-scale installations and large-scale projects where there is an existing electrical plan in place, working alongside builders and project managers. As solar specialists, we can also facilitate installation and connection to your independent energy systems.

Tailored to your business

Whether you are based in the Melbourne CBD, along a busy regional highway, or in a rural location, our team will work with you to ensure you have the correct charging product for your location, with the right features and configuration. 

Your commercial EV charging station will be:

  • powered for your needs
  • appropriately and conveniently positioned
  • compliant (Certificate of Electrical Safety)
  • configured for power sharing and scalability
  • data connected and networked.

Commercial EV charger installations that accommodate multiple charge points are carefully configured so that power can be shared between each station and appropriately address the energy requirements of each vehicle being charged. Installation can also be configured so that they can be built on or added to incrementally, as demand for charging increases or as your fleet grows.

Load management

EV charging stations can consume a large amount of electricity. We will ensure the correct load management to protect your building’s electrical system from overloading and damage, safely manage your building’s electricity consumption at your peak usage times, and control the power distribution of multiple charge stations while maintaining charging efficiency.

User experience

We plan your installation for a practical and positive user experience. If your commercial EV charging station is to be public and monetised, a convenient and easy-to-use setup encourages repeat visitation and draws more traffic to your business.

The charging station should be a dedicated parking space (or spaces) with appropriate signage and it should be carefully positioned so as not to disrupt other operational aspects of the business.

Control, monitor and monetise

Let your business take the lead with commercial EV charging in Melbourne. Network, remotely manage and monitor your commercial EV charger units from anywhere in the world.

Control and monitor

  • Manage access and who uses your chargers
  • Monitor energy supply vs usage
  • Get real-time reporting on user frequency and usage
  • Monitor your fleet electricity consumption and use
  • Set a fixed maximum current to suit available power​


  • Set customisable tariffs
  • Bill by charge duration of charge or electricity consumed
  • Multiple payment options including credit card and PayPass
  • Access and billing through the app
  • Credit card touch screen billing options

Be seen in popular charging apps and connect with EV drivers looking for commercial EV charging stations. Help them navigate to yours.

Compliance and safety checks

Our fully qualified electricians ensure a safe and compliant fit with your existing electrical system, performing a thorough inspection to identify any infrastructure or electrical upgrades needed (including switchboard upgrades or rewiring) prior to installation. This ensures the safety and efficiency of your power supply and protects your electrical system from failures and downtime.

All installations by Solstra are compliant with Australian Standards, the Electricity Safety Act 1998, and come with a 12-month workmanship guarantee and Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Solstra undertakes full operational and safety testing after installation and provides ongoing support for our clients.

Great reasons to install a commercial EV charger

Many businesses are now operating their very own EV fleet and taking advantage of the significant savings and revenue opportunities, while providing an essential service to customers and successfully increasing foot traffic for their business.

It’s also about staying current, diversifying and being ahead of your competitors while attracting desirable business and/or residential tenants to your premises.

Achieve your sustainability goals

  • Reduce emissions
  • Energy use reporting and monitoring
  • Decrease the footprint of your fleet vehicles
  • Meet Sustainability Plan targets
  • Save money and power with solar

Save your business money

  • Operate fleet vehicles at a lower cost
  • Make money with a pay-to-use revenue stream
  • Set customisable tariffs (by duration or per kWh)
  • Cost-efficient energy usage and power allocation strategies
  • Up the value of your property with a return on investment

Positive for your brand

  • Be an employer of choice (staff savings on the work commute)
  • In-app and on-screen branding for your charge points and exposure
  • Attract quality business or residential tenants
  • Opportunity for cross promotion and advertising
  • Position your business as a progressive leader

Increased foot traffic

  • Convenient charge stops become routine/habit for regular travellers
  • App exposure helps more EV drivers find your charging station
  • Additional purchases while the customer’s EV is charging
  • Be present in popular EV charger search apps (Tesla in-car app and ChargeFox)
  • In-app charging station status to inform EV drivers of availability

Choose Solstra for your commercial EV charger

With Solstra you will get an expert installation, quality product and a tailored commercial EV charging station that is well designed, planned and managed to your business requirements.

Our team has installed many commercial EV charging stations of varying size and capacities across Melbourne. You can trust in over 20 years of industry and technical experience combined with exceptional product knowledge and involvement in many small and large-scale projects.

Engaging an experienced, licenced electrician specialising in commercial EV charger installation ensures that codes and regulations relevant to EV chargers and electrical safety are adhered to, in turn preserving the life of your charger for safe long-term use and preventing downtime for your business.

Contact Solstra now

Stop searching for ‘how much does it cost to install a commercial EV charging station?’. For a competitive quote on your commercial EV charger installation cost, contact Solstra today to get a quote online.

Whatever your industry, Solstra would love to assist with your next commercial EV charger installation and become your electrical contractor of choice.

Rest easy with Solstra

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