“Solstra was super, super easy to work with, they just knew everything! They quickly gave us an idea of what needed to be done, and explained it to us so we could understand easily. We were having power issues with circuit breakers, they came in and cleaned everything right up! They turned up on time, there were no extra bills, no damage, it was all a seamless process and Solstra made it very easy, they’re guns and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Steve, James Motor Repairs

Commercial Solar

James Motor Repairs

21kW system


James Motor Repairs have been the go-to local automotive repair service in Blackburn for over 20 years. A family-owned business and VACC accredited member, the team have years of automotive experience and the latest diagnostics tools and equipment. Their repair shop is well-equipped, meaning the team needed to consider a new solution to how they were actually consuming energy.




James, Steve and the team started considering solar recently – looking over their power bills they knew they had to do something to save on costs. Owning the building meant there wasn’t any further approvals they needed to go through – which made his search for solar easier.


After meeting with James and Steve, Solstra talked through their energy requirements, looked over their current electricity system and discussed issues they were having with their current setup. Solstra provided quotes on the different types of inverters and panels they could have, with recommendations on what would suit James Motor Repairs the best.



The James Motor Repairs team were impressed with the outcome – the main pain point was saving money, and having a north-facing system allows them to maximise their solar generation. James and Steve can view their energy outputs easily through an online dashboard – reporting on consumption, time frames and even what energy that goes back to the grid. 


The search-quote process was relatively quick, and the installation was complete in two days. Solstra installed a 21kW system, and the James Motor Repairs should see ROI in three years.

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