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Heat pump hot water installation Melbourne

Solstra can help you upgrade your old hot water system to a new, energy-efficient, heat pump hot water system. Save up to 80% on water-heating costs!

As a licensed electrician and accredited solar specialist, we’re experts in our field. So whether your home is on solar or grid-generated power, you’re in good hands.

Our team of qualified electricians has over 20 years of technical and industry experience.

All heat pump hot water installations completed by Solstra are of high-quality workmanship, 100% safe, and compliant with the Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998.

Not sure which heat pump hot water system would be best for your home or business? Contact our friendly team today for some straight-up advice on what might suit your home and usage, drawn from our years of experience in our industry.

Solstra supplies and installs hot water heat pumps to homes and businesses across Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs and Mornington Peninsula, both residential and commercial.

We are an established, family-run business and we pride ourselves on dependable, personalised customer service.

What is a heat pump hot water system?

Traditional hot water systems use an element to heat water, which uses a lot of electricity. Heat pump hot water systems ‘pump’, concentrate and transform heat from one medium to another via a heat exchanger, then utilise it to heat water inside an insulated storage cylinder.

Heat is taken from a renewable source; either the surrounding air heated by the sun, or underground.

The process uses gas and a condenser coil to heat the water inside the cylinder. It’s much like a refrigeration cycle, but in reverse.

The evaporator fan and compressor components of the unit still use electricity during the process of heating the water. However, the amount of electricity used is significantly less and there is less energy wastage.

Why install a hot water heat pump?

With so many reasons to get a hot water heat pump installation, why wouldn’t you?

  • Use less energy to heat your water
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Reduce your greenhouse emissions
  • Save money long term (ROI)
  • Make your home more energy-efficient

Being one of the highest energy-using appliances in your home, choosing to upgrade to a heat pump hot water system could slash your energy bills because significantly less energy is required to heat your water.

Energy usage is reduced by at least 50% and can be as much as 75%, depending on the brand, usage, model and climate.

Make the most of your solar

If you have solar panels already installed at your home, more of your excess solar power can be used by powering your heat pump hot water system on-site, rather than feeding it back into the grid.

Reduce your bills even more by heating your water during the day using your own free energy, rather than paying for it in the evening. Make it automated by using a timer (selected models only).

You should consider your usage patterns and the size of the tank when using timers, to ensure that your water is hot enough at the times you need to use it.

Timers can also be handy for day/night operation, as the units can produce noise when heating (similar to a refrigerator). Don’t worry, the timing settings can be overridden when needed.

If you have a solar battery, your stored solar power can keep your water nice and hot at any time, and use less energy to do so.

Save energy and save money!

Heat pump hot water systems are up to four times more energy efficient than traditional hot water systems, because they use much less electricity.

  • Align water heating to your routine with programming
  • Heat water during off-peak periods and pay lower tariffs
  • Take advantage of the rebates available
  • Cheaper power bills

By shifting a major energy-using appliance in your home to a model that uses 50%-75% less energy than its predecessor, you will quickly see savings and an excellent return on investment.

Solar system owners can use even more of their free excess power themselves, rather than feeding it back to the grid and receiving the lower feed-in tariff.

Heat pump hot water rebates

With the Solar Victoria rebate and federal government STC discount, in many cases, a heat pump hot water system installation may be yours for little to no cost. Here’s how.

Solar Victoria Solar Homes Rebate

With the Solar Victoria hot water rebate, homeowners can save up to $1,000 on the installation of a heat pump hot water system.

Here’s some more good news. If you have already received a solar panel PV rebate, you can now receive the solar hot water rebate too.

The rebate applies to installations that replace an existing hot water system that was at least three years old (from the date of purchase). More information and eligibility criteria can be found on the Solar Victoria website.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

New heat pump hot water systems are also eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), a federal government funded payment to purchasers of small renewable energy systems.

With the Solar Victoria hot water rebate and the federal government STC discount, you could save up to $2,000 off the total cost of a heat pump hot water installation.

Types of hot water heat pumps

There are two types of heat pump hot water systems:

  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Ground-source heat pumps

Air-sourced is the most commonly used heat pump hot water system. These systems extract heat from the surrounding air.

Ground-source heat pump hot water systems source heat from underground, via buried coils. These systems can be more efficient than air-source heat pumps but can be much more expensive, so in most cases they’re not viable. This system is worth considering if you are looking at both water and space heating.

How does a heat pump hot water system work? | Solar Hot Water

Heat pump hot water system configuration

There are two configurations for heat pump hot water installation:

  • Integrated systems
  • Split systems

Split-system heat pump hot water systems are where the evaporator, fan and compressor components are located in a separate housing and connected to the water storage cylinder by refrigerant piping.

For integrated (one-piece) heat pump hot water systems, the evaporator, fan, compressor and condenser are mounted on top or beside the water storage cylinder.

Integrated units are simpler to install and more compact; however, they are much heavier than split system units, for obvious reasons. Split system units provide greater flexibility when it comes to installation because of the separate components. For example, you could have the water storage cylinder located inside and the pump components outside.

Due to design, there are limitations when it comes to repairing integrated heat pump hot water systems.

Hot water heat pump installation

Integrated heat pump hot water systems are installed on the ground outside. ‘Split-system’ heat pump hot water systems can have some components installed inside, however, this is optional. Either way, they must be installed in a well-ventilated area, for continuous access to ambient air for obtaining heat.

Heat pump hot water noise

When considering the location, it’s important to note that heat pump hot water systems do generate noise when operating. The noise is comparable to a modern refrigerator and depends on the size, brand and model of the system.

Depending on your settings, the water heating process can activate at any time of the day (or night), so installation near bedrooms should be avoided if this bothers you. Consider the neighbour’s bedroom location too!

Heat pump hot water in cold climates

Heat pump hot water systems operate more efficiently and heat water more quickly when the outside air temperature is higher. They do work in cooler temperatures; however, some models use an electric element as a booster if temperatures fall too low. These models use more energy, incurring higher running costs.

Heat retention and reheat rate can also be affected in cooler climates because of the lower temperature of your cold water supply and lower ambient air temperature outside.

There are models designed for cooler climates. If you live in a cooler area, Solstra’s experienced technicians can provide advice on brands that are the most tolerant and energy efficient in the cool.

The right size for your needs

Inevitably, all hot water systems lose some heat through the walls of the water storage cylinder, so it’s important to consider your usage patterns to minimise energy wastage on heating water that is not used.

For example, if you are only heating water at night, your heat pump hot water installation should be big enough to accommodate your daily water requirements. If you plan on heating multiple times a day, a unit with a smaller tank that takes less time to heat might be a better option.

Always engage a licensed electrician for your hot water heat pump installation. Only a licensed electrician has the qualifications to install a safe and compliant electric circuit for your hot water service.

Choose Solstra

Contact Solstra today for a no-obligation, free consultation. Our fully qualified electricians can help you plan your system and determine what’s right for your home. Get high level, technical advice on:

  • location for installation
  • system design – split system or integrated
  • noise levels of different units, models and brands
  • size appropriate to your needs
  • best unit/model for performance in your climate.

We deal only with trusted, quality brands including Rinnai, Stiebel Eltron and Rheem.

Solstra provides heat pump hot water installation for houses, units, apartment blocks and commercial premises like salons and spas, pet groomers, aquariums, larger retail and industrial buildings and more.

We’re insured and police-checked, and all installations come with a 12-month guarantee and Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Solstra is listed with Energy Safe Victoria as a Licensed Electrician. We operate in compliance with the Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998.

Get a heat pump hot water installation quote now

Searching for heat pump hot water installation cost?

With the Solar Victoria rebate and federal government STC discount, you could potentially save up to $2,000 on your heat pump hot water installation and get the unit and installation for little to no cost.

Curious? Contact our friendly team for a chat on 0478 638 970 and get some solid advice and recommendations on what your heat pump hot water installation will involve. Pricing will be based on your individual installation requirements. We would love to help.

Rest easy with Solstra

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Marianne Mountney
Marianne Mountney
26. May, 2022.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company. All the staff been great to deal with, they have been very professional and helped step us through the entire process from quote to installation and beyond. I am very excited to have our solar up and running. Thanks Solstra!
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Beatrix Rowe
Beatrix Rowe
22. May, 2022.
Andie Goldberg
Andie Goldberg
9. May, 2022.
Kevin was helpful from the quoting stage right through to the final install. We had questions about the panel and inverter models, performance, warranties and the configuration on our roof. Kevin was able to give us all the information and propose a system that worked for our budget and gave us the best value for money and performance outcome. Kevin visited our house before the install was scheduled, discussed where the best location for the inverter would be and ran us through how the install would take place. When they arrived with the panels they were on time, all the installers were really friendly and helpful, the install went smoothly with no mess, no damage and no issues. Everything is really neat and tidy and exactly as discussed. Thank you!
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Kate Hopkins
Kate Hopkins
8. May, 2022.
Jane Thorn
Jane Thorn
4. April, 2022.
Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch
4. April, 2022.
Spencer Morris
Spencer Morris
1. April, 2022.
Merryn Qualizza
Merryn Qualizza
7. March, 2022.
Very professional & friendly team. Would highly recommend Solstra.
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Andrew Gilham
Andrew Gilham
22. November, 2021.
Highly recommend Kev & his helpful & knowledgeable team. Kev is professional, reliable & experienced in all things Solar & storage.
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