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Power points

All types of power points

Things run smoothly when power is in the right places! Solstra supply and install all types of power points including standard, USB and smart home power points with the number of outlets and power capacity you need.

Capacity can vary by required use and some appliances require more power and protection than others. Quick charge dual-USB sockets can charge multiple devices (no more fighting over the charge cord).

Smart power points are wifi/bluetooth enabled to connect with your Smart Home. Its handy to be able to turn on an appliance via your device wherever you are in your home or even remotely.

Ask our team if you would like to learn more about Smart Homes. So many perks!

Common types of power points and switches for your home or business:

  • Single power points
  • Double power points
  • Power points with data sockets
  • Double with switch power point
  • Slimline power points
  • Stainless steel power points
  • Switches with an LED indicator
  • Outdoor power points
  • Timer switch
  • USB wallchargers
  • Weatherproof power points
  • 15A power points.

Conveniently-placed power points

The right locations matter when it comes to power points. Extension cords are a tripping hazard (and unsightly!) and having accessible power points in the home within reach makes things easy and convenient. Solstra can assess and design a plan for power point locations in your home so you have the ability to plug-in whenever you need to. If you have power points in odd places, we can easily relocate them or add more for you.

Power points can withstand a lot of use and need to be durable! We use only quality parts and trusted brands so our clients get durable long-lasting life from their outlets.

Replace faulty power points and messy powerboards for good

If you have an older home, it’s a good idea to have a regular electrical safety inspection to check your switchboard, wiring and power points. Solstra can assist by repairing or removing power points that are no longer functional or safe. Signs of deteriorating power points are a strong resistance or clicking when plugging something in, a sticky switch or a spark.

Rest easy with Solstra

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