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Rewiring and wiring repairs

Older homes have lots of charm and we particularly appreciate them in their original form, however some original components that we can’t see, can be dangerous.

Why your building might need new wiring

All homes need to be maintained and it’s important attend to their ‘internal organs’ as well as aesthetics and structure. Aged electrical appliances within your home’s internal network can deteriorate and fail, wire coatings can become brittle, wiring can also become exposed and erode – all affecting the safety and efficiency of your power supply.

Signs include discolored outlets, a clicking sensation when using, a burning smell or crackling sound, flickering or dimming lights and regular fuse and switch trips.

Inspection, assessment and report

Protect your asset and don’t leave your electricity system and wiring too long unchecked. It feels much better to live comfortably with reassurance rather than having the unknown on your shoulders.

Solstra can undertake a detailed inspection of your wiring at a time convenient to you. Our team gets into the hard-to-reach places to properly assess and identify the working status and condition of your electrical wiring. We will provide you with an expert report, answers in lingo you can understand, recommendations and next steps.

The rewiring process

When you engage Solstra for rewiring work you get extensive electrical experience and knowledge behind the job and precise workmanship and detail. Electrical rewiring is a complex, intricate process including wiring renewal, replacement or reinstatement of switches and power points, removal of old cabling, conduits and battens and ensuring your switchboard’s mains switch and circuit breakers are properly wired and connected.

If you need assistance with a general electrical fault or service or repair in your home, our team is available to assist.

Rest easy with Solstra

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