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Solar Service and Repair

Our clients are our number one priority

Solstra provides service and repair for all solar systems, regardless of the original installer. Our goal is to ensure that your solar system continues to perform at its best by providing the following key services:

  • Inspection of electrical components

  • Performance testing

  • Panel cleaning

  • Repair or replacement of panels and inverter, including warranty claim management

  • Written report on the status of your system, with recommendations

Specialist Areas


Inverter Repair

Should you experience a fault with your inverter, Solstra can assist. We will diagnose the issue and work with the manufacturer directly to repair or warrant the device. If a replacement inverter is required, we will manage this for you.

Broken Panel Replacement

We can quickly source and replace broken panels and identify if they are a warranty issue. If so, we can manage your warranty claim for you direct with the manufacturer.

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Reinstallation of Existing Systems

If you are extending or replacing your roof, we can manage the safe removal and reinstallation of your existing system. We can also re-evaluate your energy needs and provide advice for a larger or upgraded solar system.

Annual Service and Maintenance

For the optimal performance of your system, we highly recommend annual servicing. At a minimum, Solstra will:

  • Inspect all electrical components

  • Conduct performance tests

  • Clear debris and re-secure cables

  • Inspect and clean panel surfaces

  • Provide a detailed written report on the status of your system

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