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What happens after installation?

Congratulations on the installation of your energy system – you are well on your way to financial savings and a better environmental footprint!

The following information explains what happens next and what you need to do.


Keep an eye out for an email from us with a link to your invoice, to make your final payment.

If you have financed the cost of your system, you will hear from your finance company regarding repayments.

Rebates and discounts

Solar Victoria rebate

If you were approved for a Solar Victoria rebate before your installation, you don’t need to do anything. We applied this rebate to your invoice as an upfront discount, so you have already received this benefit. 

Solar Victoria loan

If you were approved for a Solar Victoria loan before your installation, you will hear from Solar Victoria approximately 45 days after installation regarding repayments. If you have any questions about your loan or the repayments, please call Solar Victoria on 1300 376 393.

STC discount

You were automatically approved for the federal government STC discount before installation. We applied this to your invoice as an upfront discount, so you have already received this benefit. 

Inspection, Certificate of Electrical Safety, Warranties, Monitoring

An electrical inspector will contact you within a few weeks after installation to arrange an inspection of your system. Once it has passed inspection, they will turn it on and issue Solstra with the Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES). We will then send the CES to you for your records, along with information about your warranties and system monitoring.

There can sometimes be a delay at this stage of the process, but rest assured we will send you this information and advise next steps as soon as the inspection and administration is complete.

Meter Alteration

If your meter is not already configured for solar

After receiving the CES we will send a meter alteration request to your electricity retailer on your behalf, including the CES and other documentation they require. 

If you do not hear from your retailer within a week after this request, please give them a call to follow up and ensure this work is complete. Unfortunately, we are unable to follow this up on your behalf as we do not have authority on your electricity account. 

Once your meter is altered for solar, you will be able to receive feed-in credits for any excess electricity you send to the grid.

If your meter is already configured for solar

After receiving the CES we will notify your electricity retailer on your behalf about your new/altered energy system, including the CES and other documentation they require, so they can update their records.


Once your system is turned on and operational, we will send you the following documentation for your records:

  • Certificate of Electrical Safety
  • System Handbook, including warranty information
  • Inverter warranty certificate/s

Follow Up

We will contact you a few weeks after your system is operational to see how everything is going. However, please feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll be more than happy to help.



Observe your inverter to ensure it is operating and free of dust build-up or obstructions.

Check your electricity bill to ensure your solar system is:

  • providing a reduction in kilowatt hours purchased from the grid and
  • a feed-in credit is being received for any excess power exported to the grid.


We recommend getting your solar system serviced annually, for a small cost. We will contact you every 12 months to see if you would like this service, which includes connection, component and performance checks, and panel cleaning (if required). You can opt-out anytime. This service ensures your solar system is operating at its maximum capacity, avoiding any power losses.

Prune trees to avoid shading on the panels.

Ad hoc

Immediately report any visible sign of fault, warning, damage or non-performance to Solstra. 

Rest easy with Solstra

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