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Commercial solar batteries

Free power is there for the taking

Free power for your business is great. Who doesn’t want to reduce their operating expenses? However, without a solar battery, your system is not storing excess solar it generates when the sun is out and reverts back to the grid as soon as it’s gone.

Back-up power for your business

When the grid goes down, commercial solar batteries can provide essential back-up power for your business, keeping everything alive and running during a blackout. Ensure your operating systems reliant on computer servers and busy phone lines are maintained at peak trading times, preventing loss of communication with customers and suppliers. If you are a business owner and you can relate, it’s important to safeguard against this by incorporating a battery into your solar system.

A UPS unit (uninterruptible power supply unit) can also be installed with your battery-connected solar system. UPS units facilitate battery backup power if electricity voltage drops to an inadequate level or stops, with an uninterrupted transition process. This protects electronics such as computers and operating systems from damage.

Night time is prime time

Does your business operate in the evenings or through the night? Incorporating a solar battery into your new or existing solar system makes the power it generates through the day available to your business at night, at the time you might need it most.

Higher return on your investment

Reap the benefits of solar for your business, two-fold. Having the power generated by your solar panels available at different times means even less grid power usage and even lower bills.

Even if your business doesn’t operate through the night, there is still electricity being used. Back up computers and servers, security and alarms, safety lighting and refrigeration all require power and can easily all run on your solar.

Expert fitting and installation

It’s important to hire an expert for this work. Solar batteries can be dangerous if installed incorrectly or in a bad position. They can get hot and cause fires or shut down completely – affecting the integrity of your system.

The amount of power storage your business has is up to you! Solstra can supply and fit batteries of varying sizes and storage capacities for your business depending on its needs, from a typical small-scale solar system with a 20kW battery to a larger project with megawatt-sized batteries. Let us provide your business with some recommendations.

Rest easy with Solstra

Andie Goldberg
Andie Goldberg
9. May, 2022.
Kevin was helpful from the quoting stage right through to the final install. We had questions about the panel and inverter models, performance, warranties and the configuration on our roof. Kevin was able to give us all the information and propose a system that worked for our budget and gave us the best value for money and performance outcome. Kevin visited our house before the install was scheduled, discussed where the best location for the inverter would be and ran us through how the install would take place. When they arrived with the panels they were on time, all the installers were really friendly and helpful, the install went smoothly with no mess, no damage and no issues. Everything is really neat and tidy and exactly as discussed. Thank you!
Merryn Qualizza
Merryn Qualizza
7. March, 2022.
Very professional & friendly team. Would highly recommend Solstra.
Andrew Gilham
Andrew Gilham
22. November, 2021.
Highly recommend Kev & his helpful & knowledgeable team. Kev is professional, reliable & experienced in all things Solar & storage.
Paul Pavlinovich
Paul Pavlinovich
2. March, 2020.
Kevin and his crew made a complex process as simple as possible. He came to the house before quoting and we discussed everything. A short time later the install was scheduled and the crew arrived on time and got to it. Great clean job. Everything working. Kevin came back to check it all out. Helped me set up my monitoring and made sure everything was working. It was great to deal with a local Frankston business who live by their work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys. Very competitive pricing and top notch workmanship.
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