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Commercial solar installation Melbourne

Solstra is a solar specialist providing solar design, installation, repairs and maintenance services for all types of small commercial and industrial-sized solar systems. Our licensed electricians are fully qualified, equipped and site-ready servicing small businesses, organisations and industrial operators across Melbourne, the south-eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. 

Our team has over 20 years experience with exceptional technical know-how, product and industry knowledge. With Solstra you get quality electrical workmanship and only trusted brands and quality equipment and parts are used. As an Accredited Solar and Solar Battery Designer and Installer, approved solar retailer with Solar Victoria and approved New Energy Tech Approved Seller, quite simply – we know solar.

Solstra is fully insured and listed with Energy Safe Victoria as a Licensed Electrician (Registered Electrical Contractor REC 28804 A-Grade Electrician). We operate in compliance with the Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998 and all installations come with a 12-month workmanship guarantee and Certificate of Electrical Safety.

We’re an established, Australian-owned business with dependable, personalised service and genuine honest advice. For a well-designed, quality commercial solar installation in Melbourne, contact Solstra today to book an onsite inspection and quote for your business.

Commercial solar installation services

Solstra would be pleased to design and install a modern, energy-efficient commercial solar system at your business or organisation and will facilitate the installation process from start to finish. We provide all installation components including expert engineering, design and installation for small and large-scale grid-connected and hybrid (+battery storage) commercial solar systems. 

  • Commercial solar panel installation
  • Commercial solar battery installation
  • Commercial solar upgrades 
  • Commercial solar removal and reinstallation
  • Commercial solar design and consultation

Our installation team has project experience working on all types of commercial structures including government buildings, shops, factories/warehouses, offices, shopping centres, accommodation, schools, sports clubs and more. Industries such as retail, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, health care and supermarkets all see the great benefits of solar. See our team in action installing a 100kW solar system at Sunshine Private Hospital in Melbourne. 

If you are extending or replacing the roof of your business, Solstra can manage the safe removal and reinstallation of your existing commercial solar system. We can also re-evaluate your energy needs and provide advice for a larger or upgraded solar system. Read about our commercial electrical services.

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Commercial solar battery installation

With a commercial solar battery, your system can store excess solar it generates during the day so your business can use it at other times. This means less grid power usage, lower electricity bills and even running independently of the grid if you choose. This is great for businesses who operate at nighttime, have high overall power usage and those who operate 24/7. Including a solar battery in your commercial solar installation can also provide essential back-up power for your business when the grid goes down keeping everything running (such as phones, appliances and computer servers) during a blackout.

Solstra can supply and fit batteries of varying sizes and storage capacities for your business depending on its needs, from a typical small-scale solar system with a 20kW battery to a larger project with megawatt-sized batteries. Read more about solar batteries and solar battery installation or call our experts now for a chat and let us provide your business with some recommendations.

Benefits of commercial solar installation

A commercial solar installation presents enormous savings for small businesses, organisations and industrial operators – particularly those with high power loads associated with refrigeration, lighting, heating and cooling.

  • Reduced operating expenses – free power for your business
  • Critical backup power – keep your business running during blackouts
  • Lower energy bills – savings and credits (feed-in tariffs) on your energy bills
  • Go green with less emissions – sustainability policy alignment ‘walk the talk’
  • Reduced reliance on the grid – save money long-term (ROI)
  • Low maintenance: annual technical checks and performance monitoring
  • Increased commercial property value

How much do power outages cost your business per year in downtime? Staff are diverted from their usual tasks trying to solve operational and technical problems, followed by the process of getting things back on track when power is restored. A commercial solar installation is an independent power source for your business that eliminates these issues. 

Do you rent your commercial premises? Solstra can advise you on what’s involved initially and ongoing to arm you with the facts for discussion with your landlord. 

Our process for commercial solar installation

Solstra will undertake a full consultation and inspection of your business to assess your power usage, costs and needs. Using that information, we provide solar system design recommendations that Solstra can design and install, tailored to your business. Your commercial solar system design and installation will take into account: 

  • Size and amount of solar panels needed
  • The size/shape of your commercial premises (exterior)
  • The amount of power storage required for your business 
  • The path/direction of the sun
  • Surrounding environment (trees/shade/obstacles) 
  • Positioning and angles (tilting) of the solar panels
  • Safe and effective placement of key system components 
  • Existing electrical infrastructure 

In most cases, the best location for solar panels is on the roof of your commercial premises. However in some scenarios we may install them on a wall or on the ground (frame-mounted). They can be installed on a variety of commercial roof types, including tiled and corrugated roofs.

We will talk you through it so you can understand the value and features of your options and make your selection. The setup of a typical 10kW commercial solar installation can be completed by our team in one day. A larger system, such as 100kW, takes around five days.

Commercial EV charging station integration

We also offer Commercial EV Charger Installation. So if you have a commercial fleet of EV vehicles or you are looking to add an EV charger for staff, we can incorporate a new commercial EV charging station into your commercial solar installation. Chat with our team about a commercial solar EV charger integration today.

Inspections and sign-offs for commercial solar installation

Following installation, there are some administrative and sign-off components associated with commercial solar installation. Solstra will facilitate these steps on behalf of your business or organisation.

  • Inspection (completed by an electrical inspector) and issue of a Certificate of Electrical Safety
  • Electricity meter alteration (if not already configured for solar)
  • Notifying your energy retailer (so you can receive feed-in credits for excess power your system generates)
  • Lodging manufacturer warranties applicable for your commercial solar system
  • Documentation handover for your records (Certificate of Electrical Safety, system handbook, warranty information/certificates)

Our team will keep your business updated as things progress so you are aware of timing and know what’s next. Our After Installation page provides detailed information about the post installation process. 

Monitor energy production and usage

Most systems come with a standard digital platform (app) that enables you to see the amount of solar power your business generates and its unique usage patterns at various times of the day. We will set this up for you so you can see how your system is performing at any time. For the keen-eyed commercial solar investor, upgraded software is also available which also tracks technical and financial performance with detailed analysis tools. Read about Solar Edge and Enphase monitoring platforms.

Maintenance after a commercial solar installation

Solstra offers a low-cost maintenance service for all commercial solar systems we install (Annual Maintenance Checks are recommended). We will contact you every 12 months to see if you would like this service which includes checking connections, components, performance safety/compliance and also Solar Panel Cleaning (if required). Should your system sustain damage at any stage, Solstra’s qualified technicians can perform Commercial Solar Repairs to restore your system promptly and efficiently (call-out fee applies). 

It’s vital that servicing or maintenance on any part of your commercial solar system is carried out by a licensed electrician, for personal safety and warranty protection. Unsure? Our team is happy to provide you with quality advice over the phone at any time, at no charge. 

Quality, compliant commercial solar installation in Melbourne

Are you searching for ‘commercial solar installation near me’? Solstra are experts in solar servicing businesses, organisations and industry across Melbourne, the south-eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. 

To ensure the highest quality and trouble-free installation, Solstra deals only with trusted, quality brands and actively looks for the best available manufacturer warranties. This ensures that your primary equipment, panels and inverter are protected for as long as possible.

Call Solstra now 

Start reaping the benefits of commercial solar now. Make an enquiry online for a no-obligation, free consultation.

Rest easy with Solstra

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