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Commercial solar installation Melbourne

Commercial solar for industry and small business

Business and industry in Melbourne are high-power users and most consume the bulk of their power during the day, when the sun is out! Commercial solar technology has come a long way over the past 10 years and many businesses are taking the big step towards incredible savings and return on investment.

Industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and hospitality; and settings such as shopping centres and supermarkets, all see the great benefits of solar. Solar presents enormous savings for commercial premises – particularly those with high power loads associated with refrigeration, lighting, heating and cooling.

If your business has a strong environmental ethos, the good news is that converting to solar very much supports that. As well as ‘walking the talk’, it decreases your operating expenses and helps fight the climate crisis.

The process is easy and we drive it for you

Solstra will undertake a full consultation and inspection of your business to assess your power usage, costs and needs. Using that information, we provide solar system design recommendations that Solstra can design and install, tailored to your business. We will talk you through it so you can understand the value and features of each option and make your selection.

If you are claiming the commercial solar rebate currently available through the Solar for Business Program, we facilitate the online approval process and the rebate amount is deducted from the total cost of your solar system. The savings for this rebate are up to $3,500!

In addition to the state rebate, you also automatically get the federal government STC discount (the amount varies), which again is simply deducted from the total cost of your system.

The setup of a typical 10kW commercial solar installation can be completed by our team in one day. A larger system, such as 100kW takes around five days.

After inspection and sign-off, we send a copy of the Certificate of Electrical Safety, along with other technical documentation to your electricity retailer. This lodgement prompts your retailer to configure your electricity meter for solar, so you can receive feed-in credits for any excess power your system generates and sends into the grid. We do this on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about any of the technicalities.

We also set up your system monitoring so that you can see how your system is performing at any time – most monitoring platforms are easily accessible via an app on your phone.

Lastly, we take care of lodging any manufacturer warranties that are applicable for your commercial solar system and provide you with the warranty certificates.

Before After

Reduce your reliance on the grid

Don’t be stuck with portable generators or turning customers away because you are unable to service them.

Power blackouts reduce productivity. Staff can be diverted from their usual tasks for hours trying to solve all sorts of operational and technical problems (without even knowing when power will return), followed by the process of getting things back in sync and working again afterwards. How much does this downtime cost your business per year?

Imagine eliminating that risk by having, the systems and processes in place for your business to deal with these events and operate as normal on your own independent power source.

Monitoring for solar energy production and usage

Most systems come with a standard digital platform (app) that enables you to see the amount of solar power your business generates and its unique usage patterns at various times of the day. For the keen-eyed commercial solar investor, upgraded software is also available which as well us production and usage, also tracks technical and financial performance with detailed analysis tools. Read about Solar Edge and Enphase monitoring platforms.

Solar for Business Program – up to $3,500 rebate

Solar Victoria offers a rebate for eligible small businesses of up to $3,500 through the Solar for Business Program. The rebate can reduce the upfront installation cost of an approved small-scale solar system, up to 30kW. Learn more from our recent blog post about Commercial Solar Rebates.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Our service doesn’t stop after the install. Our business customers know that we’ve got their back for the long haul, should they have any concerns or when it comes time for maintenance.

Your return on investment increases the better you maintain your commercial solar system. Ideally, small and large-scale commercial solar systems should be safety checked and serviced every 12 months to safeguard against future problems like panel replacements and otherwise avoidable power losses.

It’s also vital that any service or maintenance on any part of your solar system is carried out by a licenced electrician, for both personal safety and warranty protection.

Solstra offers a low-cost maintenance service for all commercial solar systems we install. It’s a convenient ‘set and forget’ way to know your business investment is protected and continually operating at its prime. We’re also only a phone call away should you need us in the meantime (a call-out fee applies).

Read more about solar system service and repairs including maintenance ‘dos and don’ts’ at our solar service and repairs page.

Businesses that benefit from commercial solar installation

Solstra can design a solar system for your home or business that powers buildings on your property. The house (or factory), the shed and the studio! Show us what you need powered and we’ll show you the solar solution.

  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Restaurants and cafe’s
  • Manufacturers
  • Hairdressers
  • Milk bars
  • Refrigeration system owners
  • Farms and wineries
  • Sheds
  • Mechanic workshops
  • Distribution, warehouses and depots
  • Churches
  • Gym’s and fitness clubs
  • Sporting clubs and pavilions
  • Real estate agencies
  • Schools (including halls and gymnasiums)

Not on the list? Contact us and we can assess your structure and create a solar design unique to your business requirements and energy usage.

Rest easy with Solstra

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