Commercial Solar Maintenance

It pays to have your commercial solar system maintained and tested regularly by a qualified electrician and solar expert to preserve its lifespan, performance and warranty. Routine testing, checks and servicing keeps your commercial solar systems and equipment safe, energy efficient, reliable and operational.
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Solstra provides commercial solar maintenance services for businesses, industrial operators and government organisations across Melbourne, the south-eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula. We are available as your contractor for routine maintenance as well as one-off repairs, servicing and safety testing. 

We will keep your commercial solar system energy-efficient, safe and performing at its best with adequate capacity to service your operational needs and in compliance with Australian Standards and regulations.

With over 20 years of technical and industry experience, our fully-qualified licensed electricians are highly skilled in dealing with commercial solar systems and buildings of many types and sizes. We use only quality equipment and parts to preserve the quality, integrity and longevity of your commercial solar system.

Solstra is a fully insured, Registered Electrical Contractor (REC 28804) and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria, fully compliant with all requirements and Australian Standards related to the Electricity Safety Act 1998. A Certificate of Electrical Safety and 12-month workmanship guarantee is provided for every job.

We are an established family-run business with personalised service and honest, quality advice. We have our very own team on the job (no outsourcing) so the highest standards of workmanship are maintained. Our team is dependable, reliable and site-ready. 

For commercial solar maintenance in Melbourne, contact Solstra today to book an inspection or talk to us about your commercial solar maintenance needs. 

Services for commercial solar maintenance

Solstra provides maintenance services for new and existing commercial solar systems large and small, whether they are one of our own, or previously installed by another company. Our commercial solar maintenance services holistically address all technical, performance and compliance components of your commercial solar system.

  • Routine scheduled maintenance 
  • Commercial solar panel cleaning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Commercial solar repairs
  • Performance testing monitoring
  • Upgrades and replacements
  • Emergency response and troubleshooting
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Safety and compliance checks
  • Consultation and advice

Our commercial solar maintenance services are available for all types of grid-connected and hybrid commercial solar systems including rooftop systems, ground-mounted solar systems and solar carports. We also service industrial systems including solar farms and floating solar systems.

Regular commercial solar maintenance preserves your asset, maximises your return on investment and ensures safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Solstra will maintain your commercial solar system so it is 100% safe and compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998.

Commercial solar maintenance checks

A maintenance and service check by Solstra involves detailed testing and safety inspection of your commercial solar system by a licensed electrician, solar installer and service agent. Our commercial solar maintenance checks include:

  • Inspection of all electrical components and connections (including wiring, connectors, junction boxes and safety devices)
  • Performance testing (functionality, energy-efficiency and output) 
  • Clearing of debris and re-securing of cables
  • Solar panel cleaning and inspection, including mounting systems 
  • Inspection of the environment (to check for hazards that may cause physical damage or shading of the solar panels)
  • Fault identification and troubleshooting (and fault rectification if we can – additional charges may apply)
  • A detailed written report on the status of your system (including system performance, energy production and maintenance activities)

We will test your system to check for signs of deterioration and damage and evaluate the operation and efficiency of its individual components including your solar panels, solar batteries and inverters. We will also undertake compliance, safety and performance checks to ensure your system is safe and to Australian Standards. Monitoring software and firmware can be updated by our technicians (where needed) for improved performance and security. For the optimal performance of your commercial solar system, we highly recommend annual servicing. 

Commercial solar repairs

During inspections, testing and monitoring, we may identify and diagnose faults or underperforming components of your commercial solar system that require repairs, adjustment or replacement. This can include damaged solar panels, electrical components or other system faults. Where this is the case, our qualified electrician will isolate the problem and provide a quotation to repair and restore your system back to its regular function as soon as possible. If there is a warranty issue, we can manage your warranty claim for you directly with the manufacturer. Read more about Solstra’s Solar Repair Services.

Need emergency solar maintenance? Contact us and we’ll be there as soon as we can to get you up and working again. A call-out fee applies.

Commercial solar panel cleaning

Commercial solar panels should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, dirt, animal droppings and other debris that can obstruct sunlight and reduce efficiency. The frequency of the cleaning required depends on the location and commercial environment.

Solstra utilises specialised equipment and techniques for commercial solar panel cleaning, due to the scale of commercial installations, for safety reasons and to prevent damaging them and the technology they house. High-pressure hoses and pressure washers damage solar panels and attempting this work yourself void your warranties. It is also a risk to personal safety.

Scheduled commercial solar maintenance (annual servicing)

Solstra’s annual servicing helps maximise the efficiency and output of your commercial solar system, extends its service life and ensures a better return on investment for your business. It actively monitors your system and helps with early identification of potential issues before they turn into costly repairs and downtime, keeping it reliable, compliant and operational. 

  • Maintain your solar investment and minimise future repairs
  • Monitor and detect electrical faults before they become an issue
  • Reduce risk of downtime due to solar outages 
  • Protect the commercial property and your assets from electrical damage
  • Ensure a reliable solar supply and capacity to support your power needs
  • Ensure electrical compliance (AS/NZS 3000: Wiring Rules)

Under-maintained solar systems deteriorate over time and can become damaged due to age, weather, hard knocks, animals and debris build up. With routine preventative maintenance, Solstra will actively manage these issues on your behalf. We will also maintain record keeping and documentation (detailing all inspections, tests, key events and maintenance activities), to monitor and detect where upgrades to system components might be necessary and regularly review warranties for all system components.

Performance testing and monitoring

Performance monitoring is a key component of commercial solar maintenance. As part of our annual testing and servicing, Solstra will evaluate and monitor your system’s overall performance, energy-efficiency and its continued capacity to service the power needs of your business. Solstra’s performance testing and monitoring includes:

  • Testing energy output and efficiency using advanced software tools
  • Continuous monitoring to identify any deviations or inefficiencies
  • System audits to check overall performance and functioning 
  • Evaluations to check system suitability to support your business needs

We can also re-evaluate the energy needs of your business or organisation and provide advice for a larger or upgraded solar system.

Invest in a specialist in commercial solar maintenance 

Many providers sell off-the-shelf ‘solar maintenance’, so be wary. You should invest in a provider that specialises in commercial solar with a clear understanding of the differing scales, purposes and installation environments (versus small-scale, residential solar systems). 

Large-scale solar systems are designed and installed to meet higher energy demands and accommodate varying commercial environments, building types and industry-specific operations. Maintenance and monitoring of system integrity and performance efficiency across a larger system is more rigorous and complex and applicable regulations and building codes may vary, depending on the system, setting and environment. 

Solstra is a reputable Melbourne specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial solar systems. As an accredited solar system and solar battery designer and installer, we understand the maintenance needs required to keep your commercial solar system in optimum condition, performing efficiently and safely for your business. Contact us today.

All industries: commercial solar maintenance

Long-term relationships with our clients and getting to know your business is important to us. Solstra supports a variety of commercial clients under ongoing contractual arrangements for commercial solar maintenance services. 

  • Commercial and industrial property owners
  • Small and large business owners
  • Real estate agents and property managers
  • Body corporates

We provide commercial solar maintenance services for solar systems on all commercial building types including standalone stores, shopping centres, showrooms, office buildings, industrial warehouses and factories, schools and educational facilities, accommodation and more.

Servicing our commercial clients: commercial solar maintenance

At Solstra, we are well systemised and plan our jobs entirely and adequately, for a seamless project and client experience. 

  • On time, reliable, professional team
  • Fair and reasonable contractual agreements and terms
  • Centralised admin that knows your business
  • Diligent schedules and record keeping
  • Onsite timing that works for your business

Our team is professional and discrete while in the workplace to ensure the least disruption and disturbance to your operations, clients and staff and we will always maintain communication with you about our onsite movements. See our testimonials

Contact us today

Get Solstra on board as your specialist solar contractor to maintain, test and monitor the commercial solar system at your workplace. 

Frequently asked questions

Why isn’t my solar working? 

Solstra is an accredited solar system and solar battery designer and installer and reputable Melbourne specialist in commercial and residential solar systems. Our experienced solar technicians will be able to confidently pinpoint the problem and know exactly what’s needed to fix it. Based on the ‘symptoms’, we may run diagnostic checks and troubleshooting to investigate and confirm what’s going on. This can include checking performance data, debris and build-up on the panels, solar panel deterioration, the surrounding environment (shade issues), inverter errors /faults or isolator/circuit breaker issues. Whether it’s external damage, an electrical issue, or a faulty part, we can diagnose and fix it. 

How often do I need commercial solar maintenance?

Solar systems need health checks too, to regularly check for signs of damage, wear and inefficiencies. We highly recommend annual testing and servicing for commercial solar systems. Having a regular contractor for commercial solar maintenance means the contractor will know and understand your solar system and your building and become a familiar face for staff. This not only benefits security but also ensures consistent, customised service. 

Solstra is a preferred contractor for commercial solar maintenance in Melbourne. Contact us today to book a panel clean and safety inspection to ensure that your system is safe and functioning efficiently for your business.

What about DIY solar panel cleaning?

DIY maintenance for solar systems is NOT recommended. Solstra has the correct qualifications, equipment, processes and know-how to clean, repair and maintain your commercial solar system without harm.

Why is commercial solar maintenance important? 

Maintaining your commercial solar system will protect your investment so it continues to give back to your business, not the opposite. It also helps manage risk by keeping things compliant and safe. 

Rest easy with Solstra

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