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Solstra is a solar repairs specialist with licensed electricians providing solar inverter repairs across Melbourne, the South Eastern Suburbs, and the Mornington Peninsula. 

If you have an error code or technical issue with your inverter and your solar system is not working as it should be, qualified electricians can diagnose the fault, and repair and restore your inverter to get it functioning again and performing at its best. If your inverter is under warranty, our team can assist with the claim process for repairs or provide a solar inverter replacement, where needed.

With over 20 years of experience, our fully-qualified electricians have exceptional technical know-how, product, and industry knowledge. We understand common inverter faults, why they happen, and exactly how to fix them. Only high-quality equipment and parts are used so you get a lasting solar inverter repair that resolves the problem and preserves the integrity and longevity of your solar system.

Solstra is a fully insured, Registered Electrical Contractor (REC 28804) and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. Your solar inverter repair will be 100% safe and compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998. A Certificate of Electrical Safety and 12-month workmanship guarantee is also provided.

Solstra is an established family-run business with personalised service and honest, quality advice. Our team is dependable, reliable, and site-ready. For solar inverter repairs or replacement at your home or business in Melbourne, book a Solstra technician today.

Solar inverter repair inspection in Melbourne by Solstra
Solar inverter inspection by the Solstra team.

Solar inverter repair services

Solstra provides solar inverter repair and replacement services for new and existing small and large-scale solar systems, whether it’s one of our own, or previously installed by another company. 

  • Solar inverter repairs 
  • Inverter error code and fault diagnostics 
  • Warranty claim repairs
  • Solar inverter replacements and upgrades
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Emergency solar inverter repairs

Our solar inverter repair service is available for all types of grid-connected and hybrid solar systems including rooftop systems, ground-mounted solar systems, and solar carports. We also service industrial systems including solar farms and floating solar systems.

The Solstra team will facilitate the process from start to finish to get your inverter and solar system up and running again including fault and error diagnosis, repair and/or parts replacement, and reboot and restore. As well as the technical aspects, we also assist with warranty claims and urgent solar inverter repair services.

Yes! You can add another solar service with your solar inverter repair. If you would like to add extra solar panels (or a solar battery), have solar panel cleaning, or do a solar maintenance check at the same time, we can combine this with your solar inverter repair service. Contact our friendly team to discuss a customised service for your solar system today.

Signs you need a solar inverter repair

Like all electrical appliances, solar inverters can develop issues over time and require repairs. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Red or orange indicator lights
  • Error code displaying on the screen
  • Visible external changes like cracks, dents or scorch marks
  • Unusual sounds like buzzing, clicking, or popping
  • Reduced energy production
  • Frequent shutdowns

A happy inverter will display green indicator lights and operate quietly, with a low ‘hum’. By being aware of these signs and taking proactive steps, you can help ensure that your solar inverter operates at peak performance and avoid costly and untimely repairs or replacement.

Need an emergency solar inverter repair? Contact us and we’ll be there as soon as we can to get your solar system restored and working again. A call-out fee applies.

Solar inverter repairs fault diagnosis by Solstra employee
GoodWe solar inverter installation.

Solar inverter repairs fault diagnosis

Based on the symptoms, your Solstra technician may run diagnostic checks and troubleshooting to confirm what’s going on. This can include checking performance data, error codes, physical condition and signs of electrical damage or deterioration that is either localised, or elsewhere within the solar system. Common inverter faults include:

  • Overheating (most common): Inverters generate heat when converting DC power from the solar panels to AC power and they can overheat/shut down if not properly ventilated. 
  • Ground faults: An unintended connection between an electrical circuit and the ground can cause the circuit breaker in your solar inverter to trip.
  • Inverter arc faults: An ‘electrical arc’ between two conductors can also cause the circuit breaker in your inverter to trip.
  • Islanding: If your solar system is not properly disconnected from the grid your inverter may detect a fault and disconnect itself, or continue to generate power while the grid is down (dangerous).
  • Communication faults: The communication features in some inverters may experience faults when the inverter is having difficulty communicating with the monitoring system or the grid. 

Your Solstra technician will have the specialised equipment on hand and the technical know-how to confidently pinpoint the problem and identify exactly what’s needed to fix it. Sometimes, it can be a fault located elsewhere in your solar system so it’s important to approach the problem holistically.

Why do solar inverters fail? Cheaply-made inverters (designed by manufacturers to maximise profits) have poor-quality internal parts that commonly cause them to fail. Poor initial installation, incorrect or DIY maintenance, and physical damage (storms and hard knocks) are also common reasons for solar inverter faults. 

Common solar inverter repairs

If you have damaged or failing inverter parts or weather-affected connections, Solstra can order the parts needed, undertake the inverter repair, and quickly restore your system to its regular function. Here are some common solar inverter repairs undertaken by our team:

  • Error codes and ‘grid faults’ (associated with feeding power to the grid)
  • Firmware/software updates and monitoring system restoration
  • Internal parts replacements (capacitors, transistors, inductors and diodes)
  • Inverter cooling system repairs and maintenance (these accumulate dust/debris)
  • Surge protection replacement (safeguard against voltage spikes)
  • Transformer repairs (winding failures, overheating, or insulation breakdowns)
  • Sensor repairs/calibration (these regulate current/voltage/temperature)
  • Ground fault and isolation fault repairs
  • External damage repairs (from lightning, water ingress, physical impact) 

After repairs, our technician will retest your inverter’s functionality to ensure it’s working correctly. We will also perform compliance, safety, and performance checks to ensure your entire solar system is safe and to Australian Standards.

Can a solar inverter be repaired?

Minor issues such as loose connections, blown fuses, or software glitches can be repaired quickly. If it is a component failure such as a capacitor or a transistor, it may be possible to replace the part, however, these repairs can be more expensive and time-consuming. If your inverter has sustained major damage by lightning, fire, or severe weather your Soltra technician may recommend replacement if it is beyond repair, or more cost-effective to do so (due to age).

Once we diagnose the problem, our team will report back to you before proceeding with your solar inverter repair. You are kept informed by our friendly and experienced team throughout the process with consistent, friendly communication. If your inverter is still under warranty, the manufacturer will likely repair or replace it for free.

Solar inverter replacement

Inverters have an average lifespan of 10-12 years and repairing an older inverter may not be a cost-effective option. This is where our team may recommend replacement over a solar inverter repair. If a replacement is needed, your Solstra technician will:

  • Help you select a new solar inverter that’s compatible with your existing solar system and energy needs considering factors like size, efficiency, and warranty. 
  • Install the new inverter, connect it to your system, and configure its settings for optimal performance.
  • Take away your old inverter and ensure correct disposal via eco-friendly recycling channels.

Solstra will repair or replace your solar inverter so it is 100% safe and compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998. Don’t hesitate to ask your technician any questions you may have about the health of your solar system or future maintenance needs. We highly recommend annual testing and servicing for all residential and commercial solar systems. 

Commercial solar inverter repairs

Solstra is a reputable solar expert in Melbourne specialising in commercial solar systems for small businesses, organisations, and industrial operators. Our team can attend quickly to repair and restore your commercial solar system and inverter, to keep your business running. 

Repair of commercial solar inverters requires specialised expertise and a complex understanding of commercial solar systems. Large solar systems have a more complex design for greater power generation, management, and grid interaction capabilities to cater for dynamic and higher energy demands and integrate with building management systems. They also have advanced monitoring and control options and need to comply with additional standards and regulations, particularly in terms of grid interaction and safety.

Long-term relationships with our clients and getting to know your business is important to us. Solstra also supports a variety of commercial clients under ongoing contractual arrangements for solar repairs and commercial solar maintenance services. Call today to get our expert technicians onsite. 

Brands of solar inverters for replacements and repairs

To ensure the highest quality and trouble-free repairs and installation, Solstra works only with trusted brands and actively looks for the best available manufacturer warranties. A good quality solar inverter made by a trusted brand and manufacturer is important to optimise its lifespan and you also get a better warranty and support.

You should always choose a solar specialist certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to perform repair work on your solar inverter. Experienced technicians are knowledgeable on the best inverter brands and have the appropriate skills, tools and techniques to provide a quality, efficient repair. 

Choose Solstra for your solar inverter repair service

Searching for “solar inverter repairs Melbourne”? Solstra provides solar inverter repairs for homes, businesses and industrial operators across Melbourne, the south-eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula. We have our very own team on the job (no outsourcing) so the highest standards of workmanship are maintained. 

Invest in knowledge, quality and compliance

Invest in a solar specialist. Solstra has the accreditations, qualifications and expertise to repair or replace your solar inverter and restore your residential or commercial solar system when it breaks down. 

Your solar inverter repair will be 100% safe and compliant and you will also receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety and 12-month workmanship guarantee on completion of the job. See our testimonials

Need a solar inverter repair or replacement? Contact us for a quote to have your solar system restored by the experts at Solstra. We understand solar!

Facts about solar inverter repairs

Inverter displaying error code

Error codes and ‘grid faults’ are associated with feeding power back into the grid. Inverters must feed power back at a higher voltage than the grid and with solar becoming more popular, at times the grid is unable to accept more energy.

What does a solar inverter actually do?

A solar inverter is a hard-wired electrical appliance that converts the direct current (DC) produced by your solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in your home or business. 

A faulty inverter will not convert DC power efficiently, even when your solar panels are working fine. This causes low energy production and means the inverter is unable to perform and support the rest of the solar system to do its job. A faulty inverter may also be unsafe, non-compliant with current safety regulations, and impact other components of your solar system affecting its overall capacity, efficiency, and integrity.

Can I do solar inverter repairs myself? 

Legally in Australia, electrical repairs to appliances connected (hard-wired) to the electrical system at your home or business are required to be completed by a fully licensed and qualified electrician. Your solar system is hard-wired, so this includes solar inverter repairs! It’s best to go with an experienced electrician and solar specialist (like Solstra!) for your solar inverter repair, especially given the high voltages, solar technology, and wiring involved. 

Rest easy with Solstra

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