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Residential solar battery installation

Does my solar work at night?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions!

Don’t let the sun be the one to decide when you can and can’t access your solar power with a solar battery installation from Solstra.

All night long

Are you a night owl? Having a battery incorporated into your solar system lets you access your free solar power all day AND all night. Solar batteries store your excess solar power generated throughout the day so it can be used at times when there is no sun.

For many of us, our power usage is higher in the evenings when we get home after work and we are busy cooking, doing chores or enjoying some home entertainment while we wind down. So it makes sense to power up for our nighttime energy needs.

Back-up power on hand with a solar battery installation

With blackouts becoming all too common, you never know when the grid might let you down. Power interruptions can cause chaos for your electronic devices and connectivity if you are working from home and if you have a young family. A blackout in the evening is NOT fun – nor is spoiled food and grumpy children.

Installing a battery as part of your home solar system means having reliable power and reassurance that you can still operate as normal if grid power fails. For an electric vehicle (EV) owner it can even mean some free overnight charging! It does feel good to be in control and self-sufficient.

How much are solar batteries in 2022?

Solar battery installations in 2022, presented by Kevin Schafer from Solstra.

Decisions, decisions…

Solar batteries can easily be incorporated into the design of your new home solar system. If you are upgrading, our experts can evaluate your existing system to determine the best battery type (and the number of batteries) to meet your needs, based on your current usage and the amount of excess solar power you are generating.

‘Where can I put it’ you ask? Solar batteries are best placed in an indoor location such as the inside of your garage wall. They can be placed outside, but need to be adequately protected from the elements (with a canopy that we can fit) and preferably located on a south or east-facing wall.

Certified solar battery installers and quality batteries are paramount

Cheap batteries typically die fast! It definitely pays to invest in quality batteries for durability and longevity. This doesn’t always mean more expensive. At Solstra, our focus is on quality and we stand by our brands.

Everyone uses power differently. We look at everyone’s situation individually and provide recommendations that suit specific uses and needs.

Book your solar battery installation today to check your eligibility and secure your solar battery rebate from Solar Victoria before they run out!

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Rest easy with Solstra

Andie Goldberg
Andie Goldberg
9. May, 2022.
Kevin was helpful from the quoting stage right through to the final install. We had questions about the panel and inverter models, performance, warranties and the configuration on our roof. Kevin was able to give us all the information and propose a system that worked for our budget and gave us the best value for money and performance outcome. Kevin visited our house before the install was scheduled, discussed where the best location for the inverter would be and ran us through how the install would take place. When they arrived with the panels they were on time, all the installers were really friendly and helpful, the install went smoothly with no mess, no damage and no issues. Everything is really neat and tidy and exactly as discussed. Thank you!
Merryn Qualizza
Merryn Qualizza
7. March, 2022.
Very professional & friendly team. Would highly recommend Solstra.
Andrew Gilham
Andrew Gilham
22. November, 2021.
Highly recommend Kev & his helpful & knowledgeable team. Kev is professional, reliable & experienced in all things Solar & storage.
Paul Pavlinovich
Paul Pavlinovich
2. March, 2020.
Kevin and his crew made a complex process as simple as possible. He came to the house before quoting and we discussed everything. A short time later the install was scheduled and the crew arrived on time and got to it. Great clean job. Everything working. Kevin came back to check it all out. Helped me set up my monitoring and made sure everything was working. It was great to deal with a local Frankston business who live by their work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys. Very competitive pricing and top notch workmanship.
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