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Solar Service and Maintenance

Solar systems need a health check too

Is your solar system doing its bit for your pocket and performing at optimum?
Let’s do a health check with a solar maintenance service.

Solstra provides servicing, maintenance and repairs for all new and existing residential and commercial solar systems. Whether it’s one of our own, or previously supplied and installed by another company, we’ve got you covered.

Chat with us today to book a panel clean and safety inspection to ensure that your system is safe and functioning efficiently.

Recognise the signs

Is your solar system trying to tell you something? Most don’t maintain their solar system as much as they should. Over time (after 3 years especially), water can settle on unmaintained solar panels and airborne dirt sticks to them, leading to lichen and moss growth. Without attention, rooftop DC isolators (the switch that turns the power from the solar panels on and off) can short circuit and fail, debris can build up and cheeky possums can even damage wiring. Imagine what all this does to the efficiency of your solar system.

Your inverter will normally display an amber or red light if your system is malfunctioning. You will also notice an increased power bill.

Solar maintenance faulty terminals
The old ‘terminals not done up tight’ trick… good way to start a fire.

Don’t risk causing damage yourself

It’s really not a good idea to attempt servicing work yourself. Using the wrong tools can result in damaged solar panels and voiding your warranty, not to mention the risk to personal safety. High-pressure hoses and pressure washers damage solar panels.

Solstra has specialised tools to clean your panels properly using the correct processes without damaging them and the technology they house. We know solar back to front and our experienced eyes pick up on anything that’s not quite right while we’re up there.

The expert knows best

Don’t play the guessing game. Only with advice from a qualified solar technician can you really know what’s going on with your solar system. If you need a solar repair, Solstra technicians can easily identify and isolate the problem and get it repaired ASAP. We have an extended network of parts suppliers in Melbourne and all over Australia.

A maintenance and service check by Solstra involves detailed testing and safety inspection of your solar system by a certified electrician, solar installer and service agent. The system is tested to evaluate the operation and efficiency of its individual components, the panels are cleaned and we also ensure all electrical components are working and safe, with no defects.

We can easily and safely repair any components that require repairs or replacement.

Give to get back

Just like anything, if you invest in looking after something it will ‘give back’. Just like you service your car and get many more kilometres in return. Adequate maintenance of your solar system is a good preventative measure to safeguard against future problems like panel replacements and maximise your return on your investment.

Solstra can maintain your system to ensure it continues to perform at its best for years to come. We are prepared, equipped and ready to help.


You should regularly check that the external environment around your system and panels is safe and of no risk to its effectiveness. Unsure? Give us a call.

Our team is happy to provide you with quality advice over the phone at any time, at no charge.

Inverter repair

Should you experience a fault with your inverter, Solstra can assist. We will diagnose the issue and work with the manufacturer directly to repair or warrant the device. If a replacement inverter is required, we will manage this for you.

Broken panel replacement

We can quickly source and replace broken panels and identify if they are a warranty issue.

If so, we can manage your warranty claim for you direct with the manufacturer.

Reinstallation of existing systems

If you are extending or replacing your roof, we can manage the safe removal and reinstallation of your existing system. We can also re-evaluate your energy needs and provide advice for a larger or upgraded solar system.

Annual service and maintenance

For the optimal performance of your system, we highly recommend annual servicing.

At a minimum, Solstra will:

  • Inspect all electrical components
  • Conduct performance tests
  • Clear debris and re-secure cables
  • Inspect and clean panel surfaces
  • Provide a detailed written report on the status of your system
  • 5-year installation guaranteed

Your building is your pride and joy. At Solstra, we pride ourselves on taking the utmost care with your building during services and repairs. This is backed by a 5-year installation guarantee against any potential damage or degradation of components supplied.

Need an emergency repair? Contact us and we’ll be there as soon as we can to get you up and working again. A call-out fee applies.

Genuine manufacturer warranties

To ensure the highest quality and trouble-free installation, Solstra actively looks for the best available manufacturer warranties. This ensures that your primary equipment, panels and inverter are protected for as long as possible.

Rest easy with Solstra

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