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Solar repairs residential and commercial

Solstra is a solar repairs specialist with licensed electricians providing residential and commercial solar repair services across Melbourne, the South Eastern Suburbs, and Mornington Peninsula.

We are an accredited solar designer and installer, accredited solar battery designer and installer, and approved New Energy Tech Approved Seller. Quite simply, we know solar.

If you have a damaged or faulty solar inverter or suspect that it’s not working as it should be, our team of qualified electricians can diagnose the fault, and repair and restore your system back to its regular function.

With over 20 years of experience, our team has exceptional technical know-how, product, and industry knowledge. We understand common solar system faults, why they happen, and exactly how to fix them.

Only high-quality equipment and parts are used so you get a lasting solar repair, that resolves the problem. Combined with quality workmanship, your solar repairs are 100% safe and compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998.

For solar system repairs in Melbourne, contact us today to book an inspection at your home or business. We also undertake solar system repairs for commercial and industrial premises.

Solstra is an established family-run business with personalised service and honest, quality advice.

Registered Electrical Contractor REC 28804
Licensed Electrician in Melbourne, Victoria providing solar repair services.

Solar system repair services

Solsta offers repairs for small and large-scale solar systems, no matter how minor, or complex, the repair is. Our team will facilitate the process from start to finish to get your solar system up and running again, including:

  • fault and error diagnosis
  • repair and/or parts replacement
  • reboot and restore.

As well as the technical aspects, we can also assist with solar monitoring software faults and advice on insurance claims. There’s a lot to handle and we’re here to help.

Signs you need solar repairs

You’ve invested in solar to harness power from the sun. Whether it’s to save money on power bills, have independence from grid power, or you’re going green with renewable energy, it’s still a big investment. Many things can cause a fault in your solar system and impact performance.

  • Physical damage
  • Poor initial installation
  • Cheap manufacturing and materials
  • Incorrect or DIY maintenance.

Bad weather and storms can cause all sorts of tree debris and heavy objects to go flying through our neighbourhoods and fall where they shouldn’t… on your solar panels!

It pays to monitor your solar system and have a qualified electrician and solar expert maintain and test it regularly, to preserve its lifespan, performance and warranty.

DIY maintenance is NOT recommended. As experts, we have the correct equipment, process, and know-how to clean, repair and maintain your panels without harm.

Common solar faults

It’s important to invest in a quality solar system and installation. Cheap equipment and poor workmanship can leave you with a failing system when you need it the most.

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring can be dangerous if left undetected, as there is still an electrical current trying to pass through. This results in heat build-up, potentially causing a fire. Improper installation, poor or damaged cabling or connections, and general ‘wear and tear’ can cause faulty wiring.

Faulty solar panels

We see a rapid degradation of solar panels due to cheap manufacturing and production materials. We also see faults due to poor maintenance or a build-up of debris. This can cause mould, micro-cracks, and hot spots; causing moisture to get under the glass, thus affecting the cells.

Degradation due to voltage leakage is a common problem with older solar panels. Specialised equipment is needed to detect a voltage leakage (earth leakage).

Faulty solar inverters

Similar to solar panels, there are a lot of cheaply-made inverters on the market, designed by manufacturers to maximise profits. Poor-quality internal parts commonly cause them to fail.

Sometimes inverters can experience error codes and ‘grid faults’ associated with feeding power back into the grid. Inverters must feed power back at a higher voltage than the grid and with solar becoming more popular, at times, the grid is unable to accept more energy.

A good quality inverter made by a trusted brand and manufacturer is important to optimise its lifespan. You also get a better warranty and support. Learn more about our solar inverter repair service.

Your solar repairs electrician

Whether your solar system fault is significant or minor, Solstra has the specialised equipment and technical know-how to correctly diagnose and resolve the issue.

If you have damaged solar panels, failing inverter parts, or weather-affected connections, we can order the parts needed, undertake the repair, and quickly restore your system to its regular function.

We will also perform compliance, safety, and performance checks to ensure your system is safe and to Australian Standards.

Solar fault diagnosis

Why isn’t my solar working? Only an experienced solar technician will be able to confidently pinpoint the problem and know exactly what’s needed to fix it.

The main components of a solar system are the solar panels, inverter, meter, switchboard, battery, and mounting system. Based on the ‘symptoms’, we may run diagnostic checks and ‘solar troubleshooting’ to confirm what’s going on. This can include checking:

  • performance data
  • debris and build-up on the panels (dirt, mould, leaves)
  • solar panel deterioration
  • surrounding environment (shade issues)
  • inverter errors /faults
  • isolators and circuit breakers.

Sometimes, it can be a fault in your switchboard. Your entire solar system is connected to your switchboard, the control centre for your home’s entire electrical system.

Solar repair and replacement

Solstra can repair, replace, and restore your solar system when it breaks down. Whether it’s external damage, an electrical issue, or a faulty part, we can cover it.

  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Wiring, conductors and conduit
  • Inverters
  • Isolators
  • Industry recalled parts and equipment
  • Corrosion-damaged parts and fixings
  • Solar monitoring systems

We may recommend repositioning your panels if they have been poorly installed at the wrong angle, affecting performance.

Once we diagnose the problem, we report back to you, and if you are happy, we proceed with the repair. You are kept informed throughout the process with good, friendly communication. It’s just, well…. good service.

Choose only a qualified, licensed electrician to undertake any electrical work at your home.

Choose Solstra for your solar repair

Are you searching for ‘solar repairs near me’? Solstra is your local, Melbourne electrician for solar repairs.

We provide residential and commercial solar repairs, solar redesign and rebuilds and regular maintenance for solar systems large and small.

  • Accredited Solar Designer and Installer
  • Accredited Battery Designer and Installer
  • SolarQuotes Silver Rated Supplier
  • Clean Energy Council New Energy Tech Approved Seller
  • Fully insured and police checked
  • Registered Electrical Contractor REC 28804

We use only high-quality parts only from the best brands, ensuring you get a quality, lasting, repair.

Need a solar repair? Contact us for a quote to have your solar system restored by our expert team, that understands solar the best.

Rest easy with Solstra

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